Solo un gioco (2017-18)

Rome, January 18, 1977, the football player Luciano Re Cecconi entered a jewelry shop in the north of Rome saying “It’s a holdup!”. The jeweler did not get the joke and shot the young man. The stricken player foiled to the floor, crying, “It was a joke, it was just a joke ... “ He died on the way to the hospital.

Beyond this human interest story, by addressing the shadowy lines of a polemic case, I cast a more global reflection on the relationship with football in the construction of the Roman identity. Through the combination of various elements
where the photographic image is omnipresent, I decided to create a project that claims to reformulate a certain number of narratives and scenarios. My proposal was part of a research approach that focused on unrevealed, buried stories, combining historical investigations, visual metaphors, and critical documentary practice.
From the initial proposal, I decided to use Re Cecconi's team number – #8 – as a playful access to the story.
As if following the trajectory of the football player across time and space, I arranged all the fragmented elements in 8 spaces. From the 8 faces of a diamond cut or an 8 sided dice, to the 8th Antique King of Rome (now a metro stop), the installation becomes connected and playful. It shows my personal vision of the city of Rome.

This project has been initiated during the residency program “Prix Atelier Wicar” in Rome. With the support of Institut Français and the City of Lille, it allows 3 artists every year to work in the Italian capital during 3 months and to produce a project that is shown afterward at Espace Le Carré in Lille and at Fondamenta Gallery in Rome.

Installation made in collaboration with "La Classe Ouvrière", cabinet maker.
Installation view
Salon de Montrouge, 2018
63rd Salon de Montrouge
Espace Le Carré, Lille, 2017
Ottaedro (details)
wooden table, various objects
8 Roman shops
C-Prints, frame, matte board, text
8 Roman shops
details, 18x27 cm
Un Azzuro
collage, postcard, blueback, frame
Stadio Olimpico
postcard, blueback, frame
Cristallo biancoceleste
blue back inkjet print, 150x100 cm
Re di Roma
inkjet print, various size